Carriage Greens Wedding in Darien, IL: LeAnne & Mario

I met LeAnne when she was part of Caitlyn & Will’s wedding party (Check out that wedding here) Mario was her date back then! When I got the call that they made it official, I was thrilled! At this point, they were living in Colorado and actually flew back for their engagement photos, which you must see here!

Planning a wedding is hard, let alone from out of state. But as luck would have it, Mario got an amazing job offer and they were able to move back to Chicago, yay! They chose Carriage Greens for their reception, they were able to get ready there too! I hung out with the ladies as Jason was with the guys.

We then got to the church for a first look right before the ceremony, so sweet! During the procession, all 3 grandmas got to be flower girls! Once the rings were exchanged and the blessing were given, the bubbliest of exits and a cool car were waiting for them. Back at the reception, the club had golf carts for us to use around the course. I loved all the classy baseball touches, seeing their engagement photos in their guestbook and all the floss dancing! Congratulations also to her aunt and uncle, that day they celebrated 40 years of marriage! And wait, just wait… they got married at Carriage Greens too! Special thanks to Jason for bringing his talents to both the engagement and wedding day.

Meridian Banquets Wedding in Rolling Meadows, IL: Lupe & Jesus

I fell in love with these two immediately. They are beautiful inside and out, such great personalities and their wedding was one for the books.

They had a very traditional ceremony in her childhood church (she used to sing there!) Their aisle runner said it all, they truly are best friends. They also had the lasso, arras and candle, so very sweet! Afterwards we headed to one of my favorite places, the Morton Arboretum. We stopped at a couple of sweet spots, check out that sun!

It was then time for the epic reception. I’m talking tequila bottle centerpieces, shot glasses favors, personalized hot sauces, mariachi, our photo booth. It was freaking awesome! So much dancing and the sea snake dance was the most hilariously crazy one ever. What an incredible couple and incredible day! Going to have some tequila in your honor tonight, cheers!

Freeport Masonic Temple Wedding in Freeport, IL: Elizabeth & Ryan

Liz & Ryan live in Maryland. It’s hard enough to plan a wedding, let alone from out of state! We actually connected online and met them in person when they flew in for their engagement session. Check their Wall-E themed adorableness here.

I began the day with Liz and her bridesmaids at a nearby hotel (and I really mean nearby. Their hotel, church and reception venue were all within a block of each other, pure genius). Jason was with Ryan and the guys while they got ready at his parents house. Once everyone was ready, we headed to Krape Park for a first look. Ryan was so nervous, so was Liz, just look below! We got to do photos with their parents and siblings, wedding party and of course, each other. This park is great, there’a a cute gazebo, bridges, a waterfall and, AND a carrousel. The same carrousel Ryan used to frequent as a child, awwww.

We then headed to the church for a very heartfelt ceremony. Their grandmas were the flower girls and his grandpa was the ring bearer, sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Lots of happy tears as they said they vows and exchanged rings. Oh and, biggest bubble exit ever, it wrapped around the corner. Everyone then literally crossed the street for the reception at the Freeport Masonic Temple. They made candles for their wedding favors, set up a sweet memorial table, candy bar and a self serve beer keg area. They also did the lights for their dance floor, turned out amazing! At the end of the night, we kidnapped them for some night photos, so worth it. We had a great time, thanks for letting us capture day 1 of your marriage! Special thanks to Jason for driving 2 hours each way and for his superb night photo skills.

Backyard farm wedding: Elizabeth & Russell

Elizabeth grew up on her family’s farm, which was the perfect place for a wedding. She got ready in her childhood bedroom with her bridesmaids. Russell and his groomsmen showed up a bit later, ready to model. The guys were super fun to work with, once those photos were done, we hid Russell and brought out Elizabeth and the girls for some photos. Their ceremony had a gorgeous backdrop of soybeans, sunflowers and her mother’s beautiful artsy pieces of glass and metal.

Russell is a jeweler and made both wedding rings! Hers features pumpkin vines, her favorite thing and his is made from a meteorite! They also grew their own flowers, one of her bridesmaids made the cake, it takes a village! After the ceremony and a hearty round of family photos, guests enjoyed delicious vegan food, lawn games and music. During the first dance he picked her up and spun her about 5 times, so fast too!

What a beautiful day, I truly felt blessed to experience it, cheers to your beautiful union!

Randall Oaks Golf Club Wedding in West Dundee, IL: Kisha & Jesse

When I first met Kisha & Jesse, I asked him what he liked about her when they met. He said “everything, just… everything” He literally couldn’t pick one thing! I then asked about their wedding vision. They told me about the comic book touches (DC Only!) The cape their flower girl (also daughter) would be rocking, the converse shoes, the suspenders. I’m soooooooo happy they chose Cloud Foto, I was downright giddy!

They chose Randall Oaks Golf Club for their celebration. They wanted a private first look and photos with their wedding party prior to the ceremony. Once it was time to make it official, they gathered by the gazebo. At the end, they jumped the broom, you could feel the commitment in the air!

They welcomed their guests to the reception with the coolest escort cards, asked to take a pic for their guestbook, the centerpieces with Legos were sweetly nerdy. Their cake topper was one of the best I’ve ever seen! The toasts were hilarious. My favorite part was the family dance, they got moves! Thank you for everything you wonderful people you!

Acquaviva Winery Wedding in Maple Park, IL: Lauren & Mike

Lauren & Mike wanted a very relaxing, chill day. They chose Acquaviva Winery for all their wedding day festivities. Jason was with the guys while they got ready in the restaurant side. I was with Lauren and the girls by the vineyard. Once everyone was dressed, it was time for a first look. Look at Lauren’s smile, she could barely contain her joy as she approached Mike, so freaking cute! His mom later came around the corner for her own first look with her son.

It was then time to go around the beautiful property for some sweet photos. We got to go by the basement with all the wine barrels, around the vineyard and even ate some grapes. The outdoor ceremony setup was #goals seriously, it looked like a dream! My favorite part was when they thanked their mothers with flowers, awwww.

Once we headed back to the reception there was plenty of tasty wine, fantastic food, funky dancing and our photo booth! At one point we snuck them out for night photos, very romantic! It was an honor capturing your day, cheers to your new life together!

Southern Charm Wedding in Frankfort, IL: Mayra & Matthew

Mayra is the youngest of 3, and, AND I’ve had the honor of photographing both her sister’s and her brother’s wedding! Yes, the trilogy concludes with this fabulous chapter.

Mayra began the day at her parent’s house with hair, makeup and mimosas. Matthew was with the guys, and doggo at their new home. They then headed to the church for a sweet ceremony. Their siblings were padrinos (sponsors for the ceremony). Afterwards, we headed to their fabulous reception!

They chose Southern Charm for the festivities. The place does have all the charm and coziness you’d hope and yet they went above and beyond with the service and warmth. We got there ahead of the guests for some photos with their wedding party and of course, the two of them. The details were mouth dropping. I’m talking tequila shots in artisan shot glasses by the place cards to welcome the guests, little coke bottle for the kids, conchas, mazapanes, a cake with paper picado detail, yep, yep, yep. The toasts were amazing, his brother presented him with his very own WWE belt, her niece made her cry, so much awesomeness. They then thanked everyone and welcomed the band! I do love a great entrance!

Thanks so very much to your family for letting us capture all your weddings, thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheers for all that’s to come!