White Eagle Golf Club Wedding in Naperville, IL: Jennifer & Lazir

Jennifer & Lazir live in New Mexico. While planning to visit Lazir's family in Illinois, they decided to get married too. They chose to wed at White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville, IL. They had a very intimate wedding with just a handful of guests. The pastor and his wife sang while they lit their unity candle... and they danced, it was very heartwarming. We then started brunch and some live entertainment. We did sneak out for a few photos of them on the beautiful course. 

Congratulations and safe travels you two!

Glessner House & New Furama Wedding in Chicago, IL: Stephanie & Steve

So much to tell about this day and these two! The day began getting with them getting ready at the Hilton downtown with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, oh and Daisy (their sweet pup) was there too! Once they were ready, we all got down to their beautiful staircase lobby for a first look.

It was hot, so freaking hot that day. They wanted to stay close so we simply crossed the street for their photos, yay! Then onto the school bus and headed to Glessner House Museum for their ceremony. As they were about to start the processional, it started to rain :( we of course, turned to the internet. There are apps nowadays that predict the exact moment the rain will stop. I checked Dark Sky and we were 9 minutes away from dryness. The plan was hatched and once the rain stopped, the groomsmen (armed with paper towels) dried every seat and the wedding began. My favorite part was the calligraphy portion, so awesome!

Everyone hopped back on the bus and headed towards New Furama Restaurant for the reception. Stephanie changed outfits for the tea ceremony. What a wonderful way to honor their families and for the family members to wish them well in their marriage.

The cake was sweet and nerdy, the dancing was very heartfelt. Steve also danced with his grandmother to her weddings song! I also found my new favorite tradition, table toasts! Stephanie, Steve, their parents and wedding party went to each table to toast with the guests; everyone loved it! The photo booth was a huge hit too, I love the shenanigans that ensue late at night.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing us to capture your day And what an incredible day it was. Best wishes in absolutely everything you do!

The Team

Coordination Pops & Giggles

Photography and photo booth Cloud Foto

Flowers Cattleya Bridal & Floral Design

Ceremony Glessner House Museum

Reception New Furama Restaurant

DJ Kelvon Fluellen 

Cake Coco & Eve Cakes

Transportation Illinois Central School Bus Co (630) 260 7645


Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Session: Jackie & Kevin

Jackie & Kevin met me at one of my favorite spots, Merchandise Mart! We started with the sun sweetly coming down on the gorgeous city. I absolutely love the buildings, bridges and of course, the river. They then changed outfits and we walked around the riverwalk and all over Wacker Dr. 

Thank you guys for a perfect night, can't wait for the wedding!

Aurora GreenFest 2017

Cloud foto has been at the last 4 of the Aurora GreenFest celebrations and they just keep getting better and better. It took place at the Prisco Community Center and attached McCollough Park. There truly is something for everyone. The volunteers handed out totes, guided cars and kept the water refilling station in shape. There was live music, dancing, electric vehicles, bubbles, science demonstrations, environmentally conscious vendors, henna tattoos, animals... so may beautiful, exotic, majestic animals. Most were up for a cuddle, or at least a hello. Congressman Bill Foster stopped by, as did former Aurora mayor Tom Weissner. You could get your water tested, grab seeds and plants and learn about just anything here. Thank you so much for having us, we look forward to it every year!

R's College Graduation

Four years ago, I took her High School senior photos (check out a few below) I got a call in the spring that she'll be a college graduate soon and wanted to celebrate with a session. R, I'm so thankful to be a part of your journey and so very proud of you! Keep following your dreams!

Some of R from 4 years ago!

Orchard Valley Golf Course Anniversary: Marilyn & Jack's 50th

Marilyn & Jack just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, what a milestone! They chose the Orchard Valley Golf Course for all their loved ones to celebrate with them. 

Before everyone arrived, I got us a golf cart, check out which number cart it was, he he. They had a couple of toasts, a lot of cake and a beautiful day. Congratulations!

Cantigny Park Family Session in Wheaton, IL: The F Family

MacKenzie & Will had one of my favorite weddings of 2016 (check it out here) I was thrilled to hear she wanted to book a session for her family this summer. We went to Cantigny Park in good 'ole Wheaton, IL. This park is simply fantastic! even though the tanks were off limits, we still had the gorgeous bright furniture, staircases, flowers and gardens to wander through. At some point between shooting their imaginary album cover and ambushing mom with a hug, I lost my phone... and they helped me find it, so thankful! 

Montgomery, IL VFW Wedding: Melissa & Noel

When Melissa & Noel told me about their Wizard of Oz wedding plans, I was incredibly excited. You could say I was a bit skeptical they could pull it off, yet remained cautiously optimistic. Well, it was waaaaaaay better than I imagined. The flying monkey flower girls were my favorite! No wait, it was the ruby red shoes. No, it was the yellow brick road aisle runner. Can't decide, it was all magical!

They chose VFW in Montgomery for it all to happen. The ceremony was outdoors on a beautiful April day. We then stayed out for some family photos and some with their wedding party. During the dancing, Melissa's stepdad surprised her by wearing a shirt with her dad's face on it... not a dry eye in the house. Towards the end of the night, we stepped out for a couple of colorful photos of just the two of them. What a day, congratulations you two!

Schaumburg, IL Family Session: The G Family

These 4 siblings wanted to surprise their mom for mother's day with a bunch of photos of the people she loves. They of course brought their husbands and children to complete the picture. I feel incredibly lucky to have captured them. Everyone was in such good spirits, they even pulled off a sweet hip hop cover album pose. Thank you for everything!

Schaumburg, IL Family Session: The R Family

I love this family! They are my accountants with their beautiful daughter and pup Rio. Every year I bring them what I affectionately refer to as my "box of shame" They turn it into neat reports, filings and keep Cloud Foto running smoothly and in tip top shape, thank you! You can find more info on them here. Thanks R Family for coming out to our mini sessions!

Schaumburg, IL Family Session: The L Family

Say hello to the L family, one of these ladies was my bride 2 years ago. I was super excited to see her, her mom, sister and nieces again... and there's one more on the way, yay! The day was a bit windy but so nice and warm. The flowers were the best backdrop for these 3 generations to sit and hug and spin and dance. Thank you ladies for hanging with me!

Baby B

This sweet girl was the first newborn in 2017. She was cuddly, chill and a very heavy sleeper. Her brother did a great job holding her while also jumping on bed a ton. I got to meet this sweet family (back when there were 3) at a wedding I photographed last year. Big bro was a ham then and a ham now! I'm truly blessed to meet so many brand new people, thanks for a sweet session Baby B!

Glenview, IL Family Session: The J Family

The J Family and I go way back, all the way back to when Baby P was in her mama's belly (check them out here)  It has been absolute joy watching this girl's journey, now as a toddler. She is loving, sensitive, caring and loved the flowers and ducks all around. I'm not surprised at all, she is surrounded by so much love! Thanks J Family, happy 2nd birthday Baby P!

Schaumburg, IL Family Session: The S Family

I had the honor of photographing their wedding in 2014 (check it out here) and I just met their sweet baby boy. I can see both of them in his cute face. Baby K was in an incredible mood and loved walking on the grass and playing in the flowers. Thank you for such a sweet morning and showing me all 4 of your teeth!

9 Wedding Trends & Traditions You May Not Have Heard Of

Getting married soon or know someone who is? Here's the latest and greatest list of trends and obscure wedding traditions you may not have heard of.

1. Deodorizing the Bridesmaids


Bridesmaid funk is a real and ever present force that can ruin event the cleanest wedding. Brides must ensure their best ladies are properly deodorized before heading to the ceremony.

2. First Look With Your Dog

Sure, a lot of couples opt for a first look with each other and some brides even have a first look with their dad or with their bridesmaids. Don't forget your pup who has been by your side and on your lap while planning the big day. Surprise them with their own moment in the spotlight.

3. Getting Married in the Rain

More and more couples are choosing extreme weather as a sign of their unwavering commitment. I mean, anyone can say "I Do" indoors or during perfect weather. Rain of biblical proportions is quickly moving towards the top of most couple's wish lists.

4. Super Ring Bearers

Couples from all walks of life are turning to genetically enhanced toddlers to join their wedding party. These "super children" often double as security due to their martial arts training and ability to find the sweets table.

5. First Dog Kiss

You made your vows, exchanged rings and kissed. Now comes the most significant outward sign of your affection and commitment: kissing your dog, as a married couple for the first time.

6. First Shot

Whisking away your beloved for a post-ceremony shot is said to keep bad spirits away and enhance dancing abilities.

7. First Butt Touch

Traditionally, butt touching has been associated with wealth and prosperity. Be sure to schedule this in your timeline!

8. Cake Shove

Having a small bite of cake and using napkins is just not going to cut it anymore. Couples who wish for a lifetime of happiness, should be shoving at least an entire slice of cake in each others mouths.

9. First Combat

It is the duty of the Best Man and Maid of Honor to test the couple's ability to fend off danger, while remaining deeply in love. This can occur anytime during the wedding day, though most attacks take place immediately following the ceremony. 

Thanks for reading and if you fell for any of these, April Fools!

Baby K

Seems like January was the month for having a second baby, Baby K joined a wonderful family that included one of my former Cloud babies, check out big Brother's session here 

This sweet girl had an incredibly calm and curious personality. She was digging all the setups we came up with, but of course being held was her favorite. I can't wait to see how you crawl, walk and talk soon! Thank you to this wonderful family that have included me in their best moments.