Alize's Quince: Venuti's in Addison, IL

Alize's Quince was packed with love, rites of passage, friends and family.  We started the day at the famous Itasca gazebo.  The party bus then took us to Venuti's.  Alize had a beautiful blessing ceremony.  She gave her parents a lovely speech, not a dry eye in the house!

The reception was so good too! So much happens in a Quinceañera's life, so many important things in one day.  Her younger sister presented her with her first pair of heels, she had a massive cake to cut, received her last doll and much more. 

Months of dance practice were finally realized on that dance floor.  She danced with her father first.  Then her grandparents, uncles and padrinos.  Then the waltz, ah so good! Main Chambelan Juan was on point.  Lastly, the surprise dance, they rocked it! I need one of those tank tops, seriously!

What a great day, what a great girl, I love, love LOVE your smile!  Congratulations on all the new firsts you are heading towards.  Happy birthday!