Yessenia & Jr's Wedding: Chateau Del Mar in Hickory Hills, IL 6.5.15

Yessenia & Jr. wanted a HUGE Mexican celebration, and wow did they deliver! They got dressed in their parent's home and then headed to church for mass and blessings.  Their ceremony was so unique, they had mariachi at the church.  Let me say that again, THEY HAD MARIACHI AT THE CHURCH!  After a hearty round of family photos, we were on our way to the reception.  We arrived to Chateau Del Mar  for lots of photos with their awesome bridal party.  The weather was sooooooo perfect, it really added to the relaxed feel of their day.

The reception, oh my goodness! I got all the feels.  They got introduced to the sweet sounds of the Mariachi band, one of the best entrances I have ever seen!  After dinner wrapped up, they danced and danced.  They even did "La víbora de la mar" which is like a conga line but super fast and you try to knock the couple off their chairs.  Once the bouquet and garter got tossed, I thought that would be it, just more dancing.  But nooooooooooo, the band walked in! You can't beat live music! The whole room exploded with energy, everyone was dancing and playing with the piñata.

Yessenia & Jr. I will never forget your amazing wedding! Congratulations you two!