Chapel in the Pines Wedding in Sycamore, IL: Meagan & Dexter

Meagan & Dexter booked their wedding two years ago. They planned to finish college, then get married. As the date got closer, I learned about their graduations and how they were full steam ahead with their plans. I couldn't be happier for these two! They've worked very hard for their dreams as they continue to grow and give each other their best. 

For their wedding, they chose one of my all time favorite venues, Chapel in the PinesThis place is gorgeous every season, it looks like you just walked into a fairy tale. The ideas for photos, were endless. Meagan & Dexter had one of the best timelines ever! We got to do lots of the family and wedding party. On top of that, we were able to sneak out for sunset and night fun too. When couples sneak out for a few minutes, they don't just get great photos. They get more time alone too. They get to hug, hear and feel together even longer. Congratulations you two, keep being amazing dancers!