Klein Creek Golf Club 1st Birthday Party: Baby P

Baby P is ONE! His parents chose to baptize him on the same weekend and do a massive party. The baptism was a beautiful and huge blessing, so many close friends and family attended. Everyone then followed to Klein Creek Golf Club in Winfiled, IL. They set up an enormous tent, very fitting since it was a circus themed party. Baby P's friends had a blast. There was face painting, ballon guy, caricaturist, cotton candy machine and popcorn cart. My favorite was the center piece decor, his newborn photos!  More of his newborn photos HERE

At the end of the party, Baby P was presented with a tray of items that represented potential paths in life. He was to "choose his path" he chose the pen, a symbol of education. Oh Baby P, you are immensely loved. Happy, happy birthday little man.