9 Wedding Trends & Traditions You May Not Have Heard Of

Getting married soon or know someone who is? Here's the latest and greatest list of trends and obscure wedding traditions you may not have heard of.

1. Deodorizing the Bridesmaids


Bridesmaid funk is a real and ever present force that can ruin event the cleanest wedding. Brides must ensure their best ladies are properly deodorized before heading to the ceremony.

2. First Look With Your Dog

Sure, a lot of couples opt for a first look with each other and some brides even have a first look with their dad or with their bridesmaids. Don't forget your pup who has been by your side and on your lap while planning the big day. Surprise them with their own moment in the spotlight.

3. Getting Married in the Rain

More and more couples are choosing extreme weather as a sign of their unwavering commitment. I mean, anyone can say "I Do" indoors or during perfect weather. Rain of biblical proportions is quickly moving towards the top of most couple's wish lists.

4. Super Ring Bearers

Couples from all walks of life are turning to genetically enhanced toddlers to join their wedding party. These "super children" often double as security due to their martial arts training and ability to find the sweets table.

5. First Dog Kiss

You made your vows, exchanged rings and kissed. Now comes the most significant outward sign of your affection and commitment: kissing your dog, as a married couple for the first time.

6. First Shot

Whisking away your beloved for a post-ceremony shot is said to keep bad spirits away and enhance dancing abilities.

7. First Butt Touch

Traditionally, butt touching has been associated with wealth and prosperity. Be sure to schedule this in your timeline!

8. Cake Shove

Having a small bite of cake and using napkins is just not going to cut it anymore. Couples who wish for a lifetime of happiness, should be shoving at least an entire slice of cake in each others mouths.

9. First Combat

It is the duty of the Best Man and Maid of Honor to test the couple's ability to fend off danger, while remaining deeply in love. This can occur anytime during the wedding day, though most attacks take place immediately following the ceremony. 

Thanks for reading and if you fell for any of these, April Fools!