Randall Oaks Golf Club Wedding in West Dundee, IL: Kisha & Jesse

When I first met Kisha & Jesse, I asked him what he liked about her when they met. He said “everything, just… everything” He literally couldn’t pick one thing! I then asked about their wedding vision. They told me about the comic book touches (DC Only!) The cape their flower girl (also daughter) would be rocking, the converse shoes, the suspenders. I’m soooooooo happy they chose Cloud Foto, I was downright giddy!

They chose Randall Oaks Golf Club for their celebration. They wanted a private first look and photos with their wedding party prior to the ceremony. Once it was time to make it official, they gathered by the gazebo. At the end, they jumped the broom, you could feel the commitment in the air!

They welcomed their guests to the reception with the coolest escort cards, asked to take a pic for their guestbook, the centerpieces with Legos were sweetly nerdy. Their cake topper was one of the best I’ve ever seen! The toasts were hilarious. My favorite part was the family dance, they got moves! Thank you for everything you wonderful people you!

Acquaviva Winery Wedding in Maple Park, IL: Lauren & Mike

Lauren & Mike wanted a very relaxing, chill day. They chose Acquaviva Winery for all their wedding day festivities. Jason was with the guys while they got ready in the restaurant side. I was with Lauren and the girls by the vineyard. Once everyone was dressed, it was time for a first look. Look at Lauren’s smile, she could barely contain her joy as she approached Mike, so freaking cute! His mom later came around the corner for her own first look with her son.

It was then time to go around the beautiful property for some sweet photos. We got to go by the basement with all the wine barrels, around the vineyard and even ate some grapes. The outdoor ceremony setup was #goals seriously, it looked like a dream! My favorite part was when they thanked their mothers with flowers, awwww.

Once we headed back to the reception there was plenty of tasty wine, fantastic food, funky dancing and our photo booth! At one point we snuck them out for night photos, very romantic! It was an honor capturing your day, cheers to your new life together!

Southern Charm Wedding in Frankfort, IL: Mayra & Matthew

Mayra is the youngest of 3, and, AND I’ve had the honor of photographing both her sister’s and her brother’s wedding! Yes, the trilogy concludes with this fabulous chapter.

Mayra began the day at her parent’s house with hair, makeup and mimosas. Matthew was with the guys, and doggo at their new home. They then headed to the church for a sweet ceremony. Their siblings were padrinos (sponsors for the ceremony). Afterwards, we headed to their fabulous reception!

They chose Southern Charm for the festivities. The place does have all the charm and coziness you’d hope and yet they went above and beyond with the service and warmth. We got there ahead of the guests for some photos with their wedding party and of course, the two of them. The details were mouth dropping. I’m talking tequila shots in artisan shot glasses by the place cards to welcome the guests, little coke bottle for the kids, conchas, mazapanes, a cake with paper picado detail, yep, yep, yep. The toasts were amazing, his brother presented him with his very own WWE belt, her niece made her cry, so much awesomeness. They then thanked everyone and welcomed the band! I do love a great entrance!

Thanks so very much to your family for letting us capture all your weddings, thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheers for all that’s to come!

Backyard Wedding in Hebron, IL: Fabiola & Tony

Fabiola & Tony win for hottest wedding ever! High 90s the whole day but we actually hit 100 degrees during the ceremony. At some point I thought my pants fused to my legs permanently.

It all took place in a family member’s back yard nestled amongst lots of Illinois corn. The ceremony was super sweet with her grandma officiating and the other family members sponsoring the traditional arras (coins), lasso, sand and bible. Once they kissed, it was time for a hearty round of family photos. Once those were done, lots of guests changed into cooler outfits, I rolled up my pants to air out my hams.

We then got some photos with their wedding party and of course, each other. I love how they look at each other! Once we got to the reception area, they cut their cake. The toasts were very emotional, lots of happy tears! Later on, they did all those cool dances I like, including the sea snake!

What a hot, magical, hot, lovely, hot, amazing hot day! It ended with fireworks! I feel lucky to have captured your day. Felicidades Fabi y Tony, salud!

Oscan Swan Inn Wedding in Geneva, IL: Sam & Alex

Sam & Alex wanted an outdoor wedding with old timey charm that also felt modern. The Oscar Swan Inn in Geneva, IL was exactly that! It is a bed and breakfast with huge beautiful gardens that were perfect for their ceremony and reception. Sam got ready upstairs with the girls, I love  seeing matching robes! Jason was with Alex while he got ready downstairs with the guys. Once everyone was ready, it was time for a first look.

We got to do lots and lots of wedding party and couple's photos all around the property. They had plenty of time to stay out of sight and relax before the big moment. The ceremony was so sweet, there were tears and plenty of laughter. When Alex was about to say his vows, he paused, looked up from the paper and said "Sam, I love you so much" I got chills, I was sooooooo hot yet I got chills. Sam had hidden her vows in the bouquet and took a minute for her maid of honor to locate them. After they were pronounced husband and wife, they had a receiving line and the cocktail hour began.

The reception started with a toast thanking and recognizing the grandparents, awwww! There were donuts from Harner's Bakerylots of dancing and our Photo Booth was there too! What a sweet, hot, wonderful day! Cheers to you two!

Bolingbrook Golf Club Wedding in Bolingbrook, IL: Tina & Mike

Tina & Mike were our 150th wedding, yay! The funny part is, her sister Eileen and her husband Dan were our 100th wedding, how cool is that? Tina is one of six sisters and chose them ALL as her bridesmaids, their nieces and nephews were the flower girls and ring bearers. 

Tina got ready at her parent's house, I love the goose at her front door! They had some champagne, got all the kids ready and then got dressed. We even had some time to take photos in the back yard. We then all got on the shuttle and headed to their family's church nearby. Mike and the guys met us there but no first look, they wanted to wait until walking down the aisle for the big surprise, he was smiling from ear to ear when it finally happened.

Unfortunately, Tina's father was only able to join us in spirit. He had a place at the altar and reception. It was beautiful tribute to a great man I had the honor of meeting. Tina's mom walked her down the aisle and they had a mother-daughter dance at the reception. During the ceremony, Mike's sisters and brother in law did readings.

After the bubbly exit from the church, we did family photos and photos with their wedding party as well. The reception was filled with photos of the families' weddings and childhood photos of them. Everything was wonderful! Cheers to the new chapter of your lives!

Hot air Balloon and Carnival Engagement in Lisle, IL: Ashlee & David

When Ashlee first emailed me asking for info, I quickly moved to the edge of my seat. They got engaged at Disney and wanted a session that capture the fun and magic of that moment. Well, is there anything more magical than getting up at 4:00 am and checking out a hot air ballon festival? No, there isn't. Plus we got the gorgeous morning sun AND the adjacent (conveniently empty) carnival. It was truly a magical morning. Thanks so much for getting up so early, totally worth it!

Merchandise Mart Engagement Session in Chicago, IL: Lauren & Michael

Lauren & Mike wanted a ton of Chicago into their portraits. Merchandise Mart is one of those places, that little square has so much going on! it was hot, so debilitatingly hot, but they still looked incredible! They danced, they pranced, they hugged, he lifted her (not her thing), he agreed to a heart hand thing (not his thing), yay for compromise and making each other happy! Their wedding is soon and I can't wait for more lifts and heart hands things!

Woodstock Town Sq Engagement in Woodstock, IL: Leah & Michael

Leah is a teacher and thus, is very caring, patient and quite creative. Mike should be writing a blog on how to be an amazing husband. He is super handy, smart and will go along with any date idea Leah wants to try. Yep, these two are going to be just fine. They share loads of interests like the Cubs and Blackhawks, plus Starbucks, walking around the forest preserve and their local town square. Thanks for letting me tell a bit of your story, we are very much looking forward to game day!

Kane Courthouse Wedding: Chanel & Keith

Chanel & Keith met through her brother, who just happens to be, drumroll please... our very own Jason! I was thrilled to be a part of such a loving, intimate day. Chanel & Keith chose a Monday and the Kane County Courthouse to make it official. The courthouse building was so rich with architecture and history, I'm so glad we had time for a few photos inside.

After the ceremony, we headed to the Fabyan Forest Preserve for family and couple's photos. This park will always be a favorite for me, specially those arches, and the gate too. Their dinner reception was at Patten House in Geneva, it was wholesome and low key. They had just a few speeches, doughnuts and lots of rain outside to set the mood. At the very end, they stepped out for a quick rainy night photo and, well, it was the perfect end to their first day of marriage. Chanel & Keith, we are so very happy for you both, thank you for inviting us along!

Chicago Engagement Session: LeeAnn & Mario

LeeAnn was a bridesmaid for Caitlyn & Will's wedding last year. Long story short, we'll be photographing her wedding with Mario next year, yay! For their engagement session, they wanted a super Chicago and baseball vibe. He actually proposed at Wrigley during the world series that the Cubs won, so obviously we went there. They also wanted murals, skyline, the works. We ended the night at North Ave beach while the rain viciously and romantically came down. 

We are very much looking forward to the big day, congratulations!

Baby G's Newborn Session

Sweet beautiful boy, I'm so happy you're finally here. You were born in Florida, as Hurricane Irma was closing in. It took so very long to get you home, so worth it though. Your parents and sister are over the moon with every sigh and sound you make. Thanks for letting me wrap you and squish you, you were a total champ, specially in the boat. Oh, and thanks for sharing your session with your sister, we celebrated her 4th birthday as well. 

Cantigny Park 2nd Birthday Session

Dear R, you are one of my first Cloud Babies, so hard to believe you are already 2! Our story began with your parent's wedding back in 2013, then I got the call about a maternity session. I was so happy for you to land into their loving arms and learn about Harry Potter, Disney and art. Then I got to meet you, bend you and squish your newborn little self (check out her newborn session here)Some time passed and I got to see you for your first birthday. You were standing tall and smiling big with your brand new teeth (check out her 1st birthday session here). Look at you now! full on running, discovering, climbing on everything and demanding snacks along the way. I'm very much looking forward to some deep conversations next year, maybe a tea party with some of your stuffed animals? I want to thank to your parents that have let me capture your journey form the beginning. Hugs to you all!

Chicago Engagement Session: Mayra & Matthew

This is Mayra and her fiancee Matthew. Back in 2013, we had the honor of photographing her sister's wedding and then her brother's wedding in 2015. Next year, we get to do hers and Matthew's. Words cannot describe how giddy and excited I am to get all 3 siblings in one family. 

For their engagement session, these two wanted to go all over Chicago. We starting at the United Center, where he proposed. Then a pit stop at Logan Square where we saw the perfect taco truck and a couple of murals. Maggie Daley Park was next, so fun going down the slides and hanging by the forts. Our last stop was Merchandise Mart and the bridges by there. It was a magical day, I can't wait for the wedding!

Lake Katherine 2nd Birthday Session

This family will always be incredibly close to my heart. Five years ago, I photographed their wedding, shortly afterwards, their maternity. Then came Baby L's newborn and 1 year sessions. Their child is 2 now. Her vocabulary is impressive, she talks in full sentences, people! She follows two step directions like a champ, loves her dog as a sister and thinks I'm hilarious. I couldn't have asked for a better session. Thank you!

Challenger Comics Engagement Session in Chicago, IL: Lakisha & Jesse

As soon as I met them, we clicked. They are going to have an amazingly nerdy wedding and I cannot wait. Naturally, for their engagement they wanted to echo the theme and visit their favorite comic book store, Challenger Comics in Chicago. Afterwards, we went around the block for some shots with the murals. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, I can't wait for the big day!

Baby A's Newborn Session

Baby A is my itty bitty honorary niece. I love this family so very much, we've known each other for years and have celebrated many family milestones together. Baby A was so calm and loved all my soothing techniques. welcome, welcome, welcome. What a lovely home you landed in, your mom and dad have been waiting for you for such a long time. I'm looking forward to everything with you!

Meyer Ballroom Wedding in Aurora, IL: Maddie & Glen

Maddie & Glen were one of the most organized, couples ever! When Krista & I got there, they were running over an hour ahead! We of course got to do some family photos then, all while avoiding an accidental first look. Once the ceremony began, my favorite part was the hymn. There is something so special about having everyone singing together, melts my heart. 

After the ceremony, they jumped on the party bus and headed to the park for photos, I love that vine tunnel so much, they rocked their session! Then it was off to the reception at the Meyer Ballroom in Aurora. You can't beat the view of the Fox River, the outstanding food and the whole ambiance. Maddie & Glen, thank you for having us capture your day, we wish you the very best in your marriage.

Riverview Banquets Wedding in Batavia, IL: Ashley & Mario

Ashley & Mario love each other, their converse shoes and those sweet doggies. They chose Riverview Banquets in Batavia, right by the fox river for their big day. We started hair and makeup offsite and then headed to the hotel to get dressed and put on lots and lots of glitter, at least the girls did. Before going to the ceremony, we stopped at home for photos with the doggies, they were so good!

The ceremony was outdoors with the most beautiful weather. We stayed outside for a long time doing family photos and of just the two of them. Congratulations you two! Best wishes for your new life together in beautiful Wisconsin!