Baby M's Newborn Session

Sweet Baby M, I had the honor of photographing your sister as a newborn and on her 1st birthday. Back then, she didn't talk. You could imagine how wonderful it was to hear her voice and how she asked me questions and wanted to help with your photos. Makes me wonder how alike you'll be. You certainly look very different, but your home will be just as nice, just as supportive and just as loving. Baby M, it was great meeting you and seeing how you fit into your family. See you on your birthday sweet girl!

Baby G's Newborn Session

Sweet beautiful boy, I'm so happy you're finally here. You were born in Florida, as Hurricane Irma was closing in. It took so very long to get you home, so worth it though. Your parents and sister are over the moon with every sigh and sound you make. Thanks for letting me wrap you and squish you, you were a total champ, specially in the boat. Oh, and thanks for sharing your session with your sister, we celebrated her 4th birthday as well. 

Cantigny Park 2nd Birthday Session

Dear R, you are one of my first Cloud Babies, so hard to believe you are already 2! Our story began with your parent's wedding back in 2013, then I got the call about a maternity session. I was so happy for you to land into their loving arms and learn about Harry Potter, Disney and art. Then I got to meet you, bend you and squish your newborn little self (check out her newborn session here)Some time passed and I got to see you for your first birthday. You were standing tall and smiling big with your brand new teeth (check out her 1st birthday session here). Look at you now! full on running, discovering, climbing on everything and demanding snacks along the way. I'm very much looking forward to some deep conversations next year, maybe a tea party with some of your stuffed animals? I want to thank to your parents that have let me capture your journey form the beginning. Hugs to you all!

Baby V's First Birthday

I met Baby V when she was 6 months old. Back then, her mom told me all the things she was planning for her birthday. There was talk of traditional Mexican dresses, a beautiful smash cake setup and some of my ideas made it in (you know, you KNOW). She was incredibly smiley and had a great time with her maracas and little guitar. She wasn't into the cake as much. Maybe you are like me Baby V, maybe you just prefer a spicier selection of foods. I'm so happy with this session. Thank you for making it so memorable!

Baby N session... ever! We started with the classic white backdrop look at home and an equally classic baby outfit with hat and suspenders. Then we went outside so he shows us his muscles and how well he stands up at 7 months old.

Baby N, your momma said you were cranky but you didn't show it one bit, you could be my model any day!

Baby B

This sweet girl was the first newborn in 2017. She was cuddly, chill and a very heavy sleeper. Her brother did a great job holding her while also jumping on bed a ton. I got to meet this sweet family (back when there were 3) at a wedding I photographed last year. Big bro was a ham then and a ham now! I'm truly blessed to meet so many brand new people, thanks for a sweet session Baby B!

Glenview, IL Family Session: The J Family

The J Family and I go way back, all the way back to when Baby P was in her mama's belly (check them out here)  It has been absolute joy watching this girl's journey, now as a toddler. She is loving, sensitive, caring and loved the flowers and ducks all around. I'm not surprised at all, she is surrounded by so much love! Thanks J Family, happy 2nd birthday Baby P!

Schaumburg, IL Family Session: The S Family

I had the honor of photographing their wedding in 2014 (check it out here) and I just met their sweet baby boy. I can see both of them in his cute face. Baby K was in an incredible mood and loved walking on the grass and playing in the flowers. Thank you for such a sweet morning and showing me all 4 of your teeth!

Baby K

Seems like January was the month for having a second baby, Baby K joined a wonderful family that included one of my former Cloud babies, check out big Brother's session here 

This sweet girl had an incredibly calm and curious personality. She was digging all the setups we came up with, but of course being held was her favorite. I can't wait to see how you crawl, walk and talk soon! Thank you to this wonderful family that have included me in their best moments.

Baby J

Baby J the second child of this sweet couple. I had the honor of photographing both maternities and both kids as newborns. Such a joy to see this little family growing and growing. Big bro was a summer baby and Baby J arrived during the winter. Check out Baby D's session here.

Go on now and start growing Baby J. I'm sure you'll be getting into all kinds of situations and adventures with your brother. Thank you for trusting me with these moments!

Baby M, Baby M & Baby M, the D Triplets

This session, these kids, that dog! It was all a dream. My first set of triplets and they were absolute heaven. They slept so well during setups and loved being wrapped up. Special thanks to Teresa & Toty who helped me get them soothed and quickly changed blankets, wraps, anything! 

Baby M, Baby M, Baby M, you are so loved already. You came in like a wrecking ball of love into this very deserving home. I couldn't think of better parents for you. I hope you like good food, hanging with family and parties with friends.

Baby N's First Birthday

Sweet Baby N, it fills me with joy how great your first year on earth has been. Last year as a newborn you were absolutely amazing. Today was so fun, seeing you stand and wobble and fall. So many great things to come for you!

Our session took place at home, we started out with basic GQ model poses, then got a bit more cultural with the charro outfit. The cake smash was last and it was good, he loved every frosting fistful. Thanks to grandma & grandpa who helped with the cleanup. 

Thanks again for a sweet session little guy! Feliz cumpleaños bebé!

Baby E's First Birthday

Baby E is one of the fastest, fearless and curious little girls I ever met. She is very independent and just went about the park at her leisure. She checked out the leaves, climbed on anything she could, fell, got back up and rolled around some more. Congratulations Baby E, your mammas love you so dang much!

Baby M

Sweet Baby M, welcome, welcome, welcome! Know this, your parents are absolutely smitten with your face, your hair, your toes, your sounds... I'm thankful to have met you, thank you for being sooooooo awesome. Seriously, you loved everything I had in mind for our session. I hope to run into you again in the future. I do know some of your buddies after all :) 

Baby C's First Birthday

Oh sweet Baby C, thank you so much for visiting from California! Back when you lived in Illinois and we did your newborn session, it was all about snow and winter sports. Now you're hitting the beach almost everyday, I hope you become an amazing surfer and swimmer. Thanks so much to your momma for making you that cute banner and board. So amazing to see who you are, what you love and what you can do. Congratulations little dude!

Baby R's newborn and 2 Month Sessions

What a difference a month makes. At 2 weeks you were so curly, sleepy and cozy being wrapped. At 2 months you are smiling, holding your head up and your eye contact is on point. I'm so happy I met you, I can't wait to see you sitting up, babbling and eating your toes my little Ro-Ro, as your mamma calls you.

Baby K's First Birthday

It seems not too long ago, we were celebrating the baby shower and you didn't have a name yet. I so wondered what you would look like, I think we all did. 

Baby K, you are loved far and wide. Your Brown Bear party was so sweet, the handmade decor and little photo booth were the best! Favorite part, your smile. That scrunchy full face smile! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day. I can't wait to run into you at your friend's or cousin's parties and see how you change.