Chicago wedding photographer

Wheaton, IL Wedding: Diane & Dee

These two had a sweet and beautiful Wednesday wedding. They got to their church early enough for photos of just them. Their family and friends arrived shortly after and got to see their vows, ring exchange and first kiss.

After the ceremony, we stepped outside. Diane & Dee handed each guest a balloon. They released them after a blessing from his granddaughter. Thank you very much for such a sweet afternoon, you made my heart full!

Bristol Palace Banquets Wedding in Mount Prospect, IL: Aiman & Fahad

As part of their multi-day wedding celebration, Aiman & Fahad had their Walima at Bristol Palace BanquetsJust before they arrived though, we met at a nearby park for some photos of just the happy couple.

We hadn't met yet but we clicked right away. After our shoot, we headed over to the banquet hall for delicious food and blessings form their families and friends. What a pretty day, congratulations you two!

Casa Maria Banquet Hall Wedding in Dyer, IN: Elena & Armando

Elena & Armando wed in their church in Chicago. They shared all the beautiful Catholic and Mexican traditions, the whole mass was lovely. Upon a bubble filled exit, we headed down to Indiana, our first stop was Centennial Park for photos of just them.

They chose Casa Maria for their reception. It was the perfect place to hold so many of their friends and family, the service was superb and food was delicious! They had the father-daughter and mother-son dance at the same time, it was sweet how they keep exchanging glances. Later on, they had one of my favorite Mexican wedding traditions, the "Víbora de la Mar" It's basically a super fast conga line in which you hold hands and try to knock the bride or groom off their chair. Don't worry, they're safely held in place by some brave volunteers.

What a lovely day you two had, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of it. Best wishes in marriage and life!

Martinique Banquets Wedding in Burbank, IL: Stephanie & Thurston

Stephanie & Thurston began their wedding day at nearby hotel, they got ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. It's always so fun seeing them interact and having the parents pop in and help with details. Thanks Teresa for coming along, she made sure we didn't miss any action.

They chose Martinique Banquets for both their ceremony and reception. I LOVE outdoor ceremonies! It was a bit chilly but the sun was out warming us up a tad. My favorite part, was the jumping of the broom and the prayer that followed. We then walked into the reception for a delicious family style dinner and hot sauce to go with it, yum! Thurston grabbed the mic before their first dance and spoke about their beginnings and what he loves about her; that sure made for a tender dance! Congratulations you two!


Firehouse Chicago wedding in Chicago, IL: Eileen & Dan

Sometimes couples tell me, "we don't need photos of us getting dressed" But, if you could see all the feelings that happen before walking down that aisle, you'd be crazy to skip it. Eileen got ready with her 5 sisters and all their kids. It was this beautiful chaos with all the makeup, hair and snacking going on. She chose to wear her mother's wedding dress, a true vintage gem! Mom and her maid-of-honor sister helped her into it. Dad waited at the bottom of the stairs for his own first look. I get all giddy thinking about it. Dan got ready at home with his brother-also-best man. Both mom and Dad helped him into his groom clothes.

We then hopped on the limo, Dan was waiting around the corner. They chose to do first look, yay!  Their ceremony was beautiful and included readings by their sisters and a bubbly exit. We then headed to the beach! So serene and beautiful, there were gorgeous blue colors out that day.

Their reception was at Firehouse Chicago and wow. The long tables fit just right! I love their indoor and outdoor spaces. They had the fire pit going and a s'mores buffet. We also snuck away for night photos by the balcony when she changed into her dancing dress. Overall a fabulous day! Congratulations you two!

City View Loft Wedding, Chicago, IL: Suzie & Joe

When I first sat down with Suzie & Joe, I asked them how they wanted their wedding to feel to their guests. The answer was simple, Chicago. The City View Loft was the perfet place to achieve just that. The day began at their apartment where Suzie and her bridesmaids got ready. Joe and his groomsmen were close by at The Crowne Plaza Hotel. We all got to the church a bit early. To avaoid an unwanted first look, Joe was whisked away to the bar down the street.

Mass was tender, mass was sweet. Suzie walked down the aisle holding onto her big brother's arm. The mass included Filipino touches, heartfelt readings and a unity candle. Then... the photoshoot... wow. I admit, I was skeptical when they said they wanted to use a parking structure. But dang, it was hand down, the best view of the city! Their session was modern, industrial and perfect. We then all rode the party bus to the reception.

The reception looked incredible! I love their Cards Against Humanity game, but the best was their first dance. It's not often couple do an actual dance number, holy cow, it was so good! After that, so much dancing, so much dancing! We had a blast! Thanks you so much for choosing us to capture your wedding day, cheers!

Yessenia & Jr's Wedding: Chateau Del Mar in Hickory Hills, IL 6.5.15

Yessenia & Jr. wanted a HUGE Mexican celebration, and wow did they deliver! They got dressed in their parent's home and then headed to church for mass and blessings.  Their ceremony was so unique, they had mariachi at the church.  Let me say that again, THEY HAD MARIACHI AT THE CHURCH!  After a hearty round of family photos, we were on our way to the reception.  We arrived to Chateau Del Mar  for lots of photos with their awesome bridal party.  The weather was sooooooo perfect, it really added to the relaxed feel of their day.

The reception, oh my goodness! I got all the feels.  They got introduced to the sweet sounds of the Mariachi band, one of the best entrances I have ever seen!  After dinner wrapped up, they danced and danced.  They even did "La víbora de la mar" which is like a conga line but super fast and you try to knock the couple off their chairs.  Once the bouquet and garter got tossed, I thought that would be it, just more dancing.  But nooooooooooo, the band walked in! You can't beat live music! The whole room exploded with energy, everyone was dancing and playing with the piñata.

Yessenia & Jr. I will never forget your amazing wedding! Congratulations you two!

Juanita & Shar'Ron's Wedding: Michelle's Ballroom in Chicago, IL 6.19.15

Juanita & Shar'Ron chose Michelle's Ballroom  for their fabulous Chicago wedding.  They started the day getting ready with their wedding party.  Juanita was with their daughters, who were also the flower girls and got them ready first.  I got a chance to hang out with the little ladies ahead of time and do some photos of just them, they loved it, specially big sister.  Their ceremony was very touching, even the officiant cried.  

Later in the day, with all the hugging and congratulating, we were running out of light outside.  Luckily we caught a bit of twilight city action.  I had scouted the place ahead of time and found some greenery, I love spaces that mix nature and city!

Congratulations you two!

Kristy & Cesar's Downtown Chicago Engagement

Ooooh I'm so excited for this wedding to happen already! I met Cesar in High School, let's just say it was... last millennium.  I met Kristy just a few weeks ago and we seriously clicked, kind of felt like I've known her for many years too.

For their engagement, they chose the gorgeous skyline view by the Adler Planetarium and Buckingham Fountain

Congratulations you two, I'm very much looking forward to the next stage!


Suzane & Jeff's Wonderful Backyard Wedding 5.25.15

Suzane & Jeff chose to wed in their own gigantic backyard.  They wanted a fun filled, casual day with all their loved ones.  It was raining cats and dogs for several hours before their ceremony and for a bit, they considered moving locations.  Luckily, the clouds parted and the rain stopped.  The setup was incredible, the arch was decorated, tents went up quickly, a massive grill rolled in, and the bouncy house was inflated.

Their ceremony included a reading by his mother and a butterfly release.  A lot of the butterflies hung around Jeff's tie and Suzane's bouquet.  It was so beautiful to witness!

Congratulations you two!

Lisa & Quinn's Rainy, Beachy Chicago Engagement Session

It had steadily rained for the whole afternoon, I thought the session wasn't going to happen.  But the rain stopped-ish right on time, even the sun even came out at the end!  It's hard to beat the city and lake as your backdrops, and they rocked it.  Plus, they're having their reception in the suburbs, so I'm extra happy we added Chicago to their photos.  Can't wait for their wedding this fall!

Beth & Tyler's Flowery Engagement

Beth & Tyler were on "flower watch" for a few weeks, it totally paid off.  We went to THE floweriest place ever, Lilacia Park in Lombard.

I always recommend sessions to start an hour before sunset, this is why!  We had amazing light and great cloud coverage!

Thanks Beth & Tyler for a sweet evening, we can't wait for your winter wedding!

Kathy & Pete's Wedding: Batavia, IL 12.31.14

Kathy & Pete got married on New Years Eve at their church. Friends and family braved the cold and came out to witness their big moment. After everyone was gone, we went around the church for some photos of just them.  In the mean time, we set up a tinsel backdrop that was just too appropriate for these two.  What a fantastic way to end the year and start the next.  We are thrilled for you, congratulations!

Remy & Steven's Wedding: Francesca's Vicinato in Palos Park, IL 12.27.14

Remy & Steven got married on the beach back home a couple of months ago.  They came to Chicago for a family reception and a change of weather.  Francesca's Vicinato was the perfect venue for the intimate dinner, cake and dancing.  December weddings usually provide more chances for night photos and we took advantage for sure! 

Congratulations you two!

Martha & Peter's Wedding: Porretta's Elegant Banquets in Chicago, IL 9.27.14

Martha & Peter have been together for a long, long time.  They already live together, have children and do everyday life quite well.  Their "Happily Ever After" began years ago!

Together with their friends and families, they exchanged vows at their church.  We then headed to Porretta's Elegant Banquets for a music filled reception.  They had not one, not two, but 3 bands play, plus their DJ!

Their first dance was unforgettable! It featured many dance styles and songs and they absolutely rocked it!

Congratulations you two, I was dancing for days afterwards!

Martha & Peter's Oak Park Church Garden Engagement

I loved hanging out with Martha & Peter! They are so spontaneous, I wasn't sure where their session would take place when I started driving towards them that morning.  We went to the church where they will be saying their vows this fall, it was bright and beautiful.  Not that I tried, but I couldn't keep them off each other! They've been together for a long, long time yet the novelty is very much still there.  Thank you guys for a great session, I can't wait to capture your wedding soon!