Baby A's Newborn Session

Baby A is my itty bitty honorary niece. I love this family so very much, we've known each other for years and have celebrated many family milestones together. Baby A was so calm and loved all my soothing techniques. welcome, welcome, welcome. What a lovely home you landed in, your mom and dad have been waiting for you for such a long time. I'm looking forward to everything with you!

Baby M

Sweet Baby M, welcome, welcome, welcome! Know this, your parents are absolutely smitten with your face, your hair, your toes, your sounds... I'm thankful to have met you, thank you for being sooooooo awesome. Seriously, you loved everything I had in mind for our session. I hope to run into you again in the future. I do know some of your buddies after all :) 

Baby E

Baby E is my newest cousin! We started out with some wrapped poses, I was being very gentle with him (I always am, I swear). But at some point during the session, it dawned on me, I CAN KISS THIS ONE! 

We cuddled and hung out between feeding and peeing everywhere (only he did that). His big sisters, my other cousins were there too. They were very helpful, they handed me blankets, towels and filled my water bottle. 

Welcome Baby E, your big sisters are ready to show you around, I'll be by to see you soon enough.

Baby R

There are few things in my line of work that enjoy as much as meeting the children of my former wedding couples.  Baby R was so super sleepy and relaxed, loved being wrapped and didn't mind the head bands.

So what's in store for Baby R? Let's see, lots of whimsy, creativity, DIY projects and cuddles.  Her parents are huge Harry Potter fans, dad made the wand and little flag.  I'm sure her night time routine will be her favorite part of the day as they read all these great tales to her.  Welcome Baby R!

Baby D

Baby D has just basically joined 2 families.  Moms are best friends, dads play golf together all the time, doggies often hang out too.  And his new best friend just arrived! 

Yes little guy, there will be lots of hanging out, play dates, riding dogs and getting into trouble.  So happy you landed in such great arms.

Baby C

Introducing Baby C! Clearly, his life will be very exciting, full of winter adventures.  And that's a good thing, since we get plenty of ice and snow around here! His parents had their belly session at the Fabyan Forest Preservethey welcomed him soon after and are so in love! Just look at those eyes.

Welcome Baby C!

Baby L

Baby L was super awake and aware of her little world, she made me work for it! But look at that face, she is the perfect blend of her parents. I had the honor of photographing their wedding back in 2012.  It has been truly amazing watching their journey from boyfriend & girlfriend, to bride & groom, to husband & wife, and now mom & dad.

For their belly session, we went to Millennium Park and North Ave. Beach in Chicago, it was perfect spring day too!

Welcome Baby L, I hope you like the city, cause you have a super active mom who loves it.  She is going to take you to all the cool places.

Baby P

Baby P has super smart parents, they decided to do their maternity photos on the same day as the baby shower, very efficient!

Once she arrived, I went over to their home for some newborn goodness.  She slept almost the whole time, she also gave me a long stare and a soft smile.  Welcome to the world Baby P!

Baby L

Baby L and I seriously bonded today.  He slept on my chest while waiting for daddy to come back from an errand.  Before that, he let me bend him and pose him at will.  I love his soccer outfit the most.  Cutest MVP, right?

During our maternity session, mom and dad braved the cold and couldn't wait to show their team spirit.  Time will tell which team he'll root for, in the mean time, stay little; you little baby you.

Baby C

I get genuinely excited about the homes these babies get to live in, and the parents they get to have.  Baby C is one of these lucky souls.  Mom and dad are just over the moon with this child, and rightfully so, he arrived just shy of their first wedding anniversary.  He is one of the smallest babies I've ever photographed.  That, and his sweet pterodactyl noises won me over too. Welcome to earth Baby C!

Baby A

Baby A was 5 days old when we met, face to face that is.  We had already sort of met during the maternity session.  She really enjoys sleeping on her side, when I placed her on the baby bed, she just melted into the soft jersey.  Mom told that's exactly how she sleeps, so I didn't move her at all.  She also loves being a human burrito and I love making burritos.  It was great to finally see her face, mostly though, it was great playing with her hair.  Thanks for letting me bend you for a bit, Baby A.

Shilpa's Baby Shower

This is one of the best baby showers I've ever been to. They had a ton of games, lots of dancing and the new mom-to-be was fed a bunch of cake by her family. She is a friend of mine, we went to high school together back in the late 90s (sigh). It was great catching up with her and her family.  Congratulations on this new stage of life, I'm so happy for you!


Baby R

I met Baby R while she was still in her mommy's belly.  We went to the beach at sunrise, very appropriate if you ask me.  This child has been loved for generations; she has an arsenal of handmade knit blankets to prove it. Yet, with all the heirlooms she has, there is something that is just hers, so exclusively hers… her ruby slippers! One day she will wear these, but for now she can only dream and grow into them.  Baby R's parents are friends with Baby J'sI hope they go on a lot of playdates together and become BFFs. Life is so wonderful when you have a friend to share it with.  Welcome sweet baby!

Baby T

I had the absolute honor of photographing their engagement, her boudoir photos, their wedding, their maternity shoot and now this little guy.  This little baby, is so lucky to have these parents; so kind, so caring.

I had a great time bending and squishing Baby T, I love his cute face and stylish yet simple pants.  Welcome to this crazy, beautiful world little guy!


Baby J

I met Baby J's mom at one the Happy Mommy, Healthy Baby Events.  I was lucky enough to photograph both her maternity and newborn photos.  Baby J was adorable, he prefers only the softest, plushiest blankets.  I absolutely loved his nursery!  A loving place definitely fit for a tiny guy with room to grow.  Congratulations guys!